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Ghee has been used since ancient times in India for cooking, frying, as a doping in food to enhance the taste, for massaging the face and other skin. The properties of ghee are praised not only in old Ayurveda, but also by dieticians of modern times.

A2 Ghee is gaining popularity in the present time. Which is made from pure milk of A2 country cow. You must have also heard about A2 Ghee many times. 

Today in this article we will know what is A2 Ghee and how Bilona Ghee of A2 Country Cow is different from normal Ghee?

A2 Cow Desi Bilona Ghee Vs Normal Ghee

Today, most of the people buy ghee from the store, the price of which starts from Rs 500 per liter. It is made by heating the cream of milk.

But it has often been seen that people making general pure ghee do not provide all the information related to ghee to their customers. For example, whether hormonal injections have been used while making ghee, what is the lifestyle of cows? , after taking milk are they sent to the slaughterhouse? Etc.

Sometimes, some people also adulterate pure ghee to earn more profit. Such people add additives like color and flavor of ghee to preserve the color and taste of ghee.

Pure A2 Ghee is made in small batches in cowsheds and farms. No additives are added to pure A2 Ghee, nor are hormonal injections given to A2 cows.

The biggest feature of A2 Pure Bilona Ghee is that how A2 Ghee is made, what is given to the cows to eat, the method of making A2 Ghee and the living conditions of the cows etc. are also told to the customers.

What is A2 Bilona Ghee?

A2 Ghee or Bilona Ghee is prepared from the milk of A2 indigenous cows. Bilona Ghee is prepared according to the method prescribed in Ayurveda.

To make Bilona Ghee, milk is first obtained from A2 cows that eat organic grass-leaves. After this, the milk is converted into curd.

After this, fermented butter is prepared from curd. Ghee is then made by boiling this fermented butter. This removes all the remaining water content except the nutritious substance.

Food Analysis of Bilona Ghee

If you want to understand the difference between normal Ghee and Bilona Ghee, then you can see the nutritional data of Bilona Ghee (A2 Ghee).

Nutrient nameAmount
total fat present14 grams
sodium0 grams
protein0.04 g
V. A438 IU
V. D15 mcg
V. E0.4 mg
Choline1.2 mcg
Omega-32.7 mg

Benefits of Bilona Ghee

  • Due to its consumption, the voice remains soft, and the ageing process slows down.
  • It prevents heart failure by reducing the harmful cholesterol of the body.
  • The problems related to the stomach end by consuming it.
  • Joints are massaged with this, and it is beneficial for broken bones.
  • Bilona Ghee is beneficial for people suffering from obesity.
  • It is also effective for the treatment and prevention of diseases like asthma, headache and insomnia.
  • Antioxidant properties are also found in Bilona Ghee.
  • It is a very good source of linoleic acid and is of great medical importance.
  • It is important for the development of pregnant women and children.
  • It helps in reducing inflammation of the body.
  • It is effective in reducing throat infections and sore throat.
  • A2 Ghee helps to calm down anxiety. For this reason, it is also beneficial for people suffering from PCOD, hyperthyroid, and PMC.
  • It strengthens your immune system.
  • It is also used in the treatment of gastric problems.

How A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is different from Normal Ghee

we can understand the difference between ordinary Ghee (A1 Ghee) and A2 Country Cow’s Bilona Ghee on the basis of molecularity also.

There is a change in the 67th amino acid chain of A1 ghee and A2 ghee. Proline amino acid is found in A2 ghee, while histidine amino acid is found in A1 ghee.

A1 ghee is obtained from A1 milk, while A2 milk is obtained from A2 cow. Beta-casein is found in both A1 and A2 milk, but A2 is better.

Difference Between A1 and A2 Ghee

A1 Ghee (Normal Ghee)A2 Ghee (Bilona Ghee)
The protein found in A2 milk is easily digested.The protein found in A1 milk is not easily digested.
A2 Ghee is more beneficial for health than A1 Ghee.A1 ghee is less grainy than A2.
It is more granular.A1 Ghee is not manufactured by the traditional Bilona method.
A2 Ghee is made using the traditional Bilona method.Nutrients are comparatively less in A1 Ghee.
All the nutrients are found in sufficient quantity in A2 Ghee.The melting point of A1 ghee is comparatively low.

Why buy only A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

  • All the essential nutrients are found in Bilona Ghee in more quantity than ordinary Ghee. This ghee is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids DHA, omega-6 and mono-saturated fatty acids.
  • Essential vitamins and other nutrients are found in abundance in A2 Ghee. For this reason, it is very important for the development of the body and mental health.
  • With this, problems related to digestion, constipation, skin, bones can be solved. It can also be used as antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Other native ghee is not easily digested in the body, but A2 ghee is easily digested in the body. For this reason, it is beneficial for small children.
  • Bilona Ghee is made traditionally. Due to which all the basic nutrition of ghee is retained.
  • Bilona Ghee is very tasty and fragrant.

Where to buy 100% Pure A2 Ghee

If you want to buy 100% pure A2 Ghee, then you have to buy only from Nyutam. Since Nyutam manufactures Ghee completely according to the traditional Bilona method and provides 100% pure and A2 Ghee to its customers at affordable prices.

FAQs (How A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is different from Normal Ghee)

Q. What Does Bilona Ghee Mean?

Ans.  Ghee is named Bilona Ghee because it is made by churning fermented curd from a wooden beater called Bilona.

Q. Which Ghee is better A1 or A2?

Ans.  A2 Ghee is better than A1 Ghee because all the essential nutrients are found in abundance in A2 Ghee.

Q. Is Bilona ghee good for health?

Ans.  Yes, Bilona ghee is beneficial for health. There are many benefits to the body by its consumption.

Q. How is A2 ghee different from normal ghee?

Ans. A2 Ghee is the purest form of Ghee made from pure milk obtained from A2 indigenous cow. Whereas other normal ghee is made from cream of milk. A2 Ghee is easily digested but normal Ghee is not easily digested.

Q. How do you make Bilona ghee at home?


  • First of all boil the milk obtained from A2 indigenous cow.
  • Cool the milk to the required temperature to make curd and add curd.
  • Now churn the prepared curd with the help of Bilona.
  • Now separate the butter and buttermilk.

Conclusion (How A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee is different from Normal Ghee)

I hope you now understand the difference between A1 Ghee and A2 Ghee. Nyutam provides pure Ghee of A2 indigenous cows to its customers at reasonable prices. If you ever buy A2 Ghee, foremost give Nyutam a chance.

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