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So if you want to buy pure & real A2 Cow Vedic Bilona Ghee as stated in our scriptures & Ayurveda, so you should not consider big brands because they have big factories to make ghee, and milk is again outsourced from other big farms.

It requires a special process in order to make ghee with an ancient Ayurvedic process & clay pots that so many so-called A2 ghee don’t know(That what is the real process).

You can watch the Nyutam Farm video of making ghee by real Vedic process –

Our entire process of making ghee is so authentic, we use clay pots for the entire process, glass jars for packing, and no machines are used for making ghee.

We freely grazed our desi cows on our organic farm. Hand milk all the cows & we practice Ahinsak Dohan at our farm.

If you are searching for Pure A2 Cow Bilona Ghee online, then you can consider Nyutam, We home deliver ghee with COD option. To Buy Nyutam A2 Cow Ghee Just Click Below link-

Buy A2 Cow Bilona Ghee

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