Nyutam Farm Mission:-

“When one eats food like medicine, no one eats medicine like food”  We Must EAt our Food Very Consciously Because food is the source which makes Us(Health, Origin Of Physical Body etc.) & Health is the most important thing, you must understand that…

Our Mission Statement :  Health is Priceless & Nyutam is working very passionately in building your health by serving you the healthiest farm produce.

The Story Behind "Nyutam Farm"

Nyutam Farm Gaurav Rahar

Namaskaram🙏, today I am going to tell about the journeyof Nyutam Farm. This story is the story of a normal boy, “Gaurav Rahar” becoming the owner of Nyutam. 

My early life

I belong to a small village, Garwa in Bhawani district of Haryana. Though my early life was nothing special as I was from a normal family, but I was happy with them.

Academic bio – 12th (Non-medical) in 2016, Join a job aviation sector in 2016 itself, with job, I learned some skills and I Always Curious to learn and explore more…

At the age of 19-20, I achieved everything that other children dream of achieving. I had a good job, relationships and health. I was respected in the society.

Turning point

During this time I started knowing about different subjects. Like health, relationships, life, business and knowing about successful people etc. I came in contact with people like Sandeep Maheshwari. Then I came to know that life is not what I live or what I believe or what almost all normal people live.

It was time for a change in my life. There was a change in my thinking. I realized that there is something missing in my life. I believe that work is the only thing that we have to do in the whole life; we spend most of our life working, so why do we do things that we don’t like? We should do such work, in which we get both happiness and money, but no one should be harmed by it. With this thought in mind, I was also looking for some similar work.

Life full of struggle

Now from here my life is filled with struggle. I tried many things in search of my favourite job. Created many blogs, started many types of services, also created YouTube channel but did not get kick in any work. But I kept trying. It is said that a candle spreads light everywhere, but the most darkness is close to it. The same thing was happening to me as well. At the end I came to know about the ghee of A2 cow of my village. I am from village, live in village since childhood, it was common for us to eat this A2 ghee, but those people who have not seen the village till today, who do not have their own cow, live in cities. Those people are caught in the marketing of big companies; they use refined oil, use A1 ghee and use more many impure things.

Establishment of Nyutam

It seems to me that either they did not have the information or there was no honest person to give them pure things. I had some understanding of business, marketing and digital marketing. I started Nyutam with the idea of sincerely giving pure ghee to the people. Initially, I did all the work of Nyutam with my own hands. Like creating a website, marketing, putting a video on YouTube to tell people the difference between A1 and A2 ghee, etc.

My only motive behind Nyutam has been that “What I cannot eat and feed my family, I will not give to my customer either.”

Most of the big companies sell things that they themselves never like to eat because they know that the thing is not edible. Because they know that this thing is not edible, there are many harmful chemicals mixed in it, But the sad thing is that despite knowing all this, these things are sold., Who has shaken my heart.

Nyutam’s Success

Slowly people started understanding my work and I started getting good results of my work. Today, many such people are connected with Nyutam Farm, who constantly eats our indigenous and pure ghee. All our customers believe on Nyutam that they will get only pure ghee.

Giving good and pure goods to the people, staying in your village and working, doing the work of your choice and getting many blessings from the people, there will hardly be any better work than this. But the good thing is that I have found my favorite job in a very short time, and I consider it my good fortune.

Never get caught in the clutches of marketing of big companies, choose good and healthy food for yourself because how will our health be? Our diet is the biggest responsible for this, what kind of food we eat? Health is the most important thing for any person in whole life; you can sit comfortably and think about this.

The indigenous cow of Indian breed has immense benefits; this cow is one of the best gifts of nature for us Indians. The products obtained from them are more pure and full of quality. They do not harm our health.

Whenever you place your order farm Nyutam Farms, don’t worry, we will always give you the best. What I cannot eat myself, I will never give it to you, this statement is not for now but for the whole life. Nyutam assure you that we will deliver our goods to our customers only after checking the quality.

My mother works very hard on the form. Till now, we have been able to reach so many families with pure and quality ghee, all the credit goes to my mother. When she came to know about village and urban life, she is working with a different passion. She is always eager to learn new things. He has learned many such things which only a skilled man can do. She is always ready to learn something new.

This story is not over yet. Seeing the growing trust of people on Nyutam, I can say with certainty that this is just the beginning of Nyutam. This story may not end so easily, but that’s all I can write for now. Will write more story soon……

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